The Worst Person in the World, 2021 - ★★★★★

This is my favorite film of 2021.

It's got this quiet power to it. I was watching it, entertained by the characters and the scenes, but not quite knowing where it was going. That is, until the film puts the pieces together, resulting in the film hitting me like a brick wall.

It felt so real. The conversations, relationships, fantasies, etc were all spot-on. In some cases, it felt like I was watching memories from my own life. I swear I've had exactly some of those same tough conversations with past partners of mine.

It feels real, sure, but Trier infuses a surreal quality to the film as well, whether it's a visualization of Julie's shroom trip or the scene in which everyone is frozen in place, the film is filled with these bold artistic choices that shouldn't work, but they do.

I also...

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Feb 25th 2022
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