Yes, ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ Is Better than ‘Pretty in Pink’

Howard Deutch’s “Some Kind of Wonderful” begins with a young man from the wrong side of the tracks- in fact, this is made literal by showing him strut through a train yard.

Keith (Eric Stoltz) has a mad crush on Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), who attends the same high school, but she’s in the grip of her slimy, controlling boyfriend, Hardy (Craig Sheffer). Keith commiserates with Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson), his best friend and the only source of wisdom in his life.

Keith is a troubled youth, to be sure, but his all-or-nothing scheme to win over Amanda winds up alienating him from his father (John Ashton) and testing his friendship with Watts.

Back to that trainyard: Stoltz’s Keith marches down the railroad tracks as the soundtrack pounds away, looking like a true movie star....

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Feb 26th 2022
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