‘Deep Water’ Brings Sizzle, Seduction and Surprises

Filmmaker Adrian Lyne has returned, some 20 years since his last thriller, “Unfaithful” (2002), and the provocateur is back and in his element.

While premiering on Hulu, Lyne’s “Deep Water” would actually make for a great date movie, the kind where you debate and pick it apart at length once it ends.

Ben Affleck stars as Vic Van Allen, a wealthy father whose marriage to Melinda (Ana de Armas) is deeply troubled. While she frequently runs off and has affairs, he stalks her and sulks in barely contained jealousy.

He also has the odd habit of inviting her lovers over for dinner, where he takes an opportunity to scare them off. Another troubling quality to Vic is that he likes to openly joke that he murdered one of his wife’s long-vanished former lovers.

Is he kidding around?


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Mar 17th 2022
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