Kentucky Pride, 1925 - ★★★½

You give Ford a silly story narrated by a horse and he will not turn in a dud. I’m learning he can practically do no wrong. It’s shot brilliantly and ends up being chalk full of classic archetypal storytelling. Think hints of big stuff like Les Miserables, Gone with the Wind, etc, and this for what could otherwise be forgettable and cliched and which is, again, narrated by a horse.

I actually wondered a couple times if this just might have been part of Steinbeck’s inspiration to write “The Red Pony,” with this film’s hero, Donovan (J. Farrell MacDonald), giving me more than a little of the vibe of ranch hand Billy Buck, played memorably later by Robert Mitchum in the 1949 film version.

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Apr 10th 2022
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