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I binged the series season 1, the first episode helps establish the background of the relationship between the two characters. What I really love is that there is almost no dialogue and there are some very intricate animations of facial expressions to communicate emotions between both men and animals. It has a lot of gore, which seems to be on the way out for a lot of animated series in current year, so i love the violence and gore, it makes it feel real and makes you realize this is a deadly environment where death is waiting at any turn. Also there is zero political s**t, its pure 100% action thriller fantasy that relies on story, and relations between characters to drive the narrative. This is an excellent for dino-enthusiasts and fans of dinosaur movies/documentaries as well. However don't expect a lot of scientific accuracy, and thats a good thing. The series doesn't sell itself as paleolithically accurate, it combines super natural and magical elements to being amazing ideas to life. Despite this, you will see a very large variety of dinos, with excellent design and colors. Stellar animation, engaging soundtrack and each episode is almost structured in samuri jack style: one central villian/problem per episode that our heroes have to solve. I also love the fact its so cryptic and leaves many things unexplained in this strange world where men, dinosaurs and monsters somehow live together.
Apr 15th 2022
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