There’s Something Terribly Wrong With “Euphoria”

The least one can say is that the teen drama Euphoria is a major hit. It is HBO’s second most-watched show of all time, behind only Game of Thrones, with over 6 million viewers per week. Videos and memes of the show are highly viral, especially on TikTok (the favorite social media of children and teenagers). The show’s stars are becoming major celebrities and are avidly followed by droves of young fans.

With all of that being said, here’s a question: How many adults actually sat down and watched this thing? Because I did. And it did not leave me feeling ‘euphoric’ at all. Actually, it left me with the gut feeling that I’ve witnessed something deeply toxic. And why are there so many penises in that show marketed to minors?

Euphoria is not merely another...

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Apr 22nd 2022
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