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RW'ers often call this a feminist fantasy, as it stars a female in a combat role, but you need to watch closer. It starts with Ripley rescued by the corporation after being adrift since the explosion of the original ship in Alien. After an investigation she is asked to oversee a colonial marine mission to kill the aliens. She is reluctant. She eventually agrees, but only with the promise to exterminate the aliens. At first, she is a useless working class woman, who is not gung-ho. She only becomes more proactive AFTER they find Newt, a small girl stowed away on the base they are visiting. This isn't feminism. This is her motherly protective instincts kicking in. It's only when charged with defend Newt that she begins to fight. She still must be taught HOW to fight by Hicks, the leader of the platoon. It's a solid combat flick with great suspense, action, and motivations. There is even an "illegal alien" joke at the beginning directed towards a Mexican marine, who does look like a dyke. So something for petty racists I guess. Overall, a fantastic effort by James Cameron from before he became a male feminist. Watch it.
Apr 29th 2022
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