Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 441 Interview with Richard Houck on Roe v. Wade

Richard Houck & Cyan Quinn

312 words / 1:06:01

Host Greg Johnson was joined by lawyer Richard Houck on the latest broadcast of Counter-Currents Radio to discuss the possible end of Roe v. Wade, plus current events and YOUR QUESTIONS, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

01:52 Introduction

03:33 History of Roe v. Wade

16:15 Planned Parenthood v. Casey

23:44 What is the argument in the leaked opinion?

28:58 What are the implications of overturning Roe v. Wade?

32:34 Will greater state autonomy incentivize people to move to states that reflect their values?

34:48 To what degree should we care about how black people use abortion?

44:20 Won’t banning abortion cause an increase in illegal abortions?

55:07 On why White...

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May 9th 2022
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