The Last of the Cast Members of 'Casablanca' Is Gone

Lifestyle We can argue all day about whether Citizen Kane or Casablanca is the greatest movie ever made -- my choice would be Gold Diggers of 1933, but comedies don't get no respect -- but what we can't argue is the profound effect the Warner Bros. 1942 patriotic drama has had on our culture, or how much we love each of the individual performances from actors great and small. With the death of Madeleine Lebeau, however, we've now lost them all.The last living performer from Casablanca is gone, as French actress Madeleine Lebeau, who played Yvonne in the 1942 Academy Award winning classic, and in real life lived through experiences as harrowing as those of the film’s lead character, died following a hip injury on May 1. She was 92.Born in 1923 in Antony, Hauts-de-Seine,...

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May 15th 2016
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