The Holy Mountain, Part 1

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1. Introduction: “A Lofty Humanity and Eternal Blondeness”

The Holy Mountain [2] (Der Heilige Berg, 1926) is the greatest of the German “mountain films” and the prototype for all the rest. My review [3] of the recent film North Face [4] (Nordwand) discussed this genre, its essential characteristics, and why it should be of interest to readers of Counter-Currents.

The German mountain film was more or less invented by Dr. Arnold Fanck, a geologist by training. As a child, Fanck suffered from severe asthma and was sent to live in Davos, Switzerland. Not only did his condition improve, he fell in love with the Alps and, for the rest of Fanck’s life, the mountains were his obsession. During the First World War, Fanck worked...

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Jan 4th 2019
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