Is ‘Caddyshack II’ The Worst Sequel Ever Made?

Here’s an old golf joke: What’s the best movie about golfing ever made? “Caddyshack.” And the worst? “Caddyshack II.”

The eight-years-too-late “Caddyshack II” was an instant bomb in 1988 and time has not been kind. In fact, whereas camp classics like “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” “Mannequin Too: On The Move” and “Teen Wolf Too” have nostalgia-fueled apologists, the return of Chevy Chase and an ill-behaved gopher (and no one else from the original cast) has been stuck in a cinematic sand trap purgatory since the day it opened.

The plot is a lazy remake of the original, but here goes: Jackie Mason replaces Rodney Dangerfield, playing Jack Hartounian, an outspoken, wealthy and “lovable”...

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May 8th 2019
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