The Strange Little Cat, 2013 - ★★★★

A brief but beguiling and warmly inviting slice of life inside the home of a bourgeois German family, chock full of formal delights both aural and visual. Performances verging on deadpan brought Lanthimos to mind, while one lovely rhyme after another recalls the cinematic poetry of Jarmusch’s Paterson. The mildly distancing effect of the former counterbalances the preciousness of the latter, keeping things from getting either too alienating or too cute. Especially lyrical are the musical interludes and their accompanying montages of household objects - an unfinished cup of tea, the grocery list of misspelled words - each item filling the mind with feelings of and for the character(s) it’s associated with. Too many characters of interest and too many different feelings...

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Dec 29th 2019
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