Daniel Lopatin’s Uncut Gems

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The Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems may have been a garish film that walked a dangerous line between parodying and celebrating degeneracy, however, the original score it boasts is anything but kitschy and unsettling. Composed by the highly talented Daniel Lopatin, better known professionally by his moniker Oneohtrix Point Never, the Uncut Gems OST is awash in Lopatin’s trademark New Age sounds, proto-vaporwave sensibilities, and his unabashed love for acid-influenced synthesizer. Like anything in the mainstream, however, it’s worth noticing details; such as the curiosity of Lopatin, a Brooklyn-based Jew, composing the score to a film made by other New York Jews.

This is a film score review, but there will be no spoilers, because I will focus more on the music...

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Jan 15th 2020
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