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Awesome movie. Super racist and sexist, but all in good fun with no targets left un-satirized. I had never seen it before, but definitely think Troma type movies are the wave of the future for dissident voices sick of Hollywood BS. Of course, this is a super raunchy movie with childish humor for degenerates like me. If you are a purity spiraling bible thumper type or Wignat, you may not like (((Lloyd Kaufman)))'s work. I understand that, but I can't pretend not to enjoy such films even now. I look forward to watching more of them, but probably won't have much insightful analysis. I guess it was annoying and noticeable that they didn't make fun of Yahweh,  but made fun of Jesus and Allah. So it wasn't 100% bipartisan with who it lampooned. Go figure. Still, I am impressed that they made Muslim jokes like that and never got death threats. I just googled and didn't find anything about Lloyd being hassled by Muslims. Guess they are too underground. Did find this gem tho:




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Jun 28th 2020
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