This is one of those movies that portrays exaggerated character doing ridiculous things. If you can watch it with that in mind it can still be entertaining. (Personally I like a more realistic storyline.) Overall it was a fun movie to watch and has some really nice ideas when attempting to describe the back story of Santa. This reminded me of American Beauty in the sense that it is a bizarre and crazy story but in the end it succeeds in making a point.

And finally I would never notice let alone have a problem with any race or gender in a movie. The problem today is it is now an agenda hitting you over the head. So the fact that they made Mrs Claus black....well that to me is absurd and an agenda-based casting decision. Which makes me angry and disgusted. When in the real world it would not have even been a thought. Now it is all I see. Too bad huh?  An example of the carnage of the left.

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