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Pretty great film. I had never seen it before but always love the idea of angels and demons. Yokai anime are my favorite and other Hollywood movies about ghosts or angels are in my top 10. So I am a bit biased. Very fascinating to see Nicholas Cage not be crazy for once, but he's just so friendly and kind that he is creepy so two sides of the same coin I guess...
Anyways, I would recommend this film for sure. The main love interest is a strong womyn™ doctor and another main character is a Black angel. There are some obligatory feminist moments and of course robbers are White whereas the Black guys are businessmen or whatever. But this is to be expected and my standards are so low in terms of propaganda/agenda that this stuff doesn't even phase me anymore. Oh! But the "in the arms of an angel" song that is now Pavlovianly associated with abused dogs is played during a crucial moment and you can't help but get sucked out into the real world. Real buzzkill.

All in all, don't let those elements prevent you from seeing this pleasant film with solid philosophical / pro-Faith themes.

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Apr 20th 2021
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Libertarian Agnostic
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