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Skip the movie not for boycott reasons but because it's just not that good. I only sat through it because I like the notion of the Muse and am a bit of a new age kook. Unlike "City of Angels" that Steven Pressfield recommended, this is not a feel good movie about the metaphysical. In fact, his book "The War of Art" was written in 2002 and this film was made in 1999. So no relation. 
It was okay, but the Jewish humor of constant victimhood and obsession over money just didn't land well. Only few people, (Larry David for example), can pull such stuff off for global audiences. So seeing the Muse as an obnoxious and greedy figure was just not as enjoyable to watch. However, it was a good analogy for what creative types go through. Willing to sacrifice every comfort and throw thousands of dollars into a hole chasing their creative whims. Jordan Peterson breaks that down better than the movie does here:


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May 6th 2021
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