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Most older movies have really slow pacing and bad timing. And rarely are timeless. Although this film isn't as fluid as other classics like "Casablanca" it still stands up to this day. Just give it some time to get into the plot (around 25 minutes or so). 
Without spoiling too much, it's basically a super redpilled movie on the failings of democracy. Not quite a "Might Makes Right" conclusion, but a more pragmatic realpolitik "people are dumb lemmings" social commentary. Their depiction of police is fitting for today's day and age as well. Right Wingers need to wake up and realize "Blue Lives Matter" ain't it. Stop being bootlickers and understand the law only has as much value as the people backing it with violence say it does.



There's even a cameo by the very pReSiDeNtIaL, Mitt Romney:


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Jun 25th 2021
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