Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)

We were raised, Generation X, on a media and entertainers who hated Ronald Reagan like hemorrhoids, and swore he was manufacturing a false conflict to take over the country. I almost believed it, but then I stood at the Wall.

I talked with the people who had to clean up the bodies of the escapees who were shot down as they ran to freedom, or hit a mine in one of the many fields around East Germany. I looked into the desolate rows of Soviet-style utilitarian housing, and saw the poverty and listlessness.

We forgot, those who came after, what the Cold War meant: the struggle against those who were not bad because they were authoritarian, but because they were criminal, projecting outward all of the evils of the human mind and justifying it as kindness.

The problem with Communism was...

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Dec 14th 2020
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