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It's a watered down rip off of "They Live" and the NPC meme. They tried to subvert both things and filter them through neoliberal lenses to make the mindless simps the heroes. There were tons of anti-male / feminist lines in there and attacks on """toxic""" males. Watch Keith Woods' video on how normies stole Wojak. His analysis applies to the NPC/They Live memes here as well.

"Wojak And Hyperreality" - Keith Woods
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbzN_i45jgs https://www.bitchute.com/video/fj33aayaAIab/

Other than that the film was alright. The 3 main protagonists are heterosexual White people so that was refreshing. But every single character in the movie wasn't based on anything real so it was hard to relate or really care about the plot. And no, not just the fictional game characters. But even the real world characters were so bizarre that it wasn't funny. If it was a critical satire of nerdy coder types it would have been, but they had bossgirl coders and characters that were nothing like the coders I know in my personal life.

Oh and the Black dude was clearly a 2nd rate Kevin Hart. The entire movie was just a big corporate rip off meant to attack Capitalism and the Patriarchy. Which is ironic considering it's a cash grab created by men.

Watch it if you are with someone really eager to see it, but definitely don't support it. Otherwise skip it.
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Sep 8th 2021
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