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Anti-God Themes
Couldn’t get through more than 5 minutes without skipping around and going to other episodes. I don’t care about atheist themes but the plot is just so cheesy and cliché.

“Woah dude” *hits bong* “what if like, the religious people are actually the bad ones, man?” I watch Lucifer and like that show just FYI. But that one has lots of depth and character archs and all that. The voice acting for this is so bad, it’s aimed at children but they act like it’s mature and market to adults. Also, ngl, I played the old games but never looked at the plot. So it could be true to the original source material, but I highly doubt it. Seems like a lot of extra crap with feminist and anti religious themes cloaked in nostalgia. Typical netflix…
Sep 11th 2021
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