I hate this movie!
Loki is portrayed as evil when he is not in the tales. Steve Rogers makes fun of both God and Thor. Black Widow makes the men look dumb, and Nick Fury lives while his white agents die quickly. Also, Thor tries to convince Loki to stop being bad, but then tries to kill Loki, Iron Man, and Steve, so what is it that Thor wants? All the men, except the black guy, are treated as muscle and nothing else. In the movie the characters aren't gay or such, but Tessa Thompson said her character in the third Thor movie and Avengers: Endgame is bisexual, so it was just a matter of time before the franchise went the route. I do not want my kids to grow up too fast, so I consider this violent and demonizing movie to be awful to families and children. Loki is also confirmed bisexual in a different thing, which also means he is not an actual god like I keep telling people! In the Norse tales at least it helped me realize that magic men are not gods, but this movie just butchers what it means to be a false god and instead insinuates that a "god" does not exist, and no one says outright that they only know one God and was an actual believer. People instead make jokes out of the word and concept of a god and trashes on Loki for thinking a "god" exists, instead of reprimanding him for believing he was a god and not believing in God. God is God, not "god" like Loki believed himself to be, which was what should have been what Tony chastised him about. "You have an army, well you aren't God, so good luck keeping that integrity." A line like that could have been so good, but instead Tony insinuates that his friend Hulk can beat up a whole army of a "god", and later Hulk beats up Loki, so is the message that a big green man is more of a deity than a literal magic being from a golden city in space? I never believed Loki to be anywhere near the power of God, but Hulk does not even come close, so this is blasphemy! At least Loki had an army, while Hulk just has muscles from gamma rays, which should have killed him! Also, why does Loki scared by some dumb guy when in Guardians of the Galaxy the dumb guy gets killed instantly by the villain? Apparently these God trashers for writers hate God so much they will rag on ANY false god there is just to make us believe that God can't be real because Loki is not a divine being. Well, get this, we are not convinced! God is real and he loves us! You are just making fools of yourselves and proving to us of your pettiness! God is real! God is not dead! Loki is a false god, but Marvel ruined him because at least it was obvious he was just a magical man who ate magic apples to be never-aging during the myths, but Marvel treats him an evil god from space who is eventually not evil, so what gives? Is he evil or not? Insinuating that he turns good also insinuates that he is not the evil opposite of Thor you wanted us to believe! Loki is either evil or not! Apparently Hela was written better because at least she is all evil and not good, she even has devilish horns on her helmet. Loki being good means this movie failed at giving us a good forces vs evil forces movie, because Loki is constantly insinuated to just be a lonely guy. I get that forgiveness is amazing, but he tried to destroyed New York and take over the world, so Thor forgiving Loki just makes him seem more like God, which Thor is NOT! Thor is a broken mess and at least in Norse myths he is consistent, while this Thor is either trying to be a goodie shoe guy or just as bad as Loki and it keeps switching! Stupid false gods! Loki should been burned to death for blasphemy and murder, while Thor should have died during his first film. I can forgive the sins of Steve, he was frozen in ice after all, but everyone else just keeps letting their worst sides out and hurting others. These aren't heroes! The children need good role-models, and the heroes that are good need to fight evil! Loki could have been the equivalent of The Devil, but instead they made him into an angsty adult who had family issues and tried destroy a city just because Thor liked it. They could have made Tony is a believer in God, because of his appeared development in his movies, and he could have killed Loki and said that Loki was more of a demon than a god, and then Steve could have said he killed that god, and Tony could have been saying that Loki was never a god. Thor could then said that the big difference between him and Loki was that one of them knew that there is only one true god, and that is God. IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER! Joss Whedon is such a disgusting criminal who lays with woman on a whim and hates all beings of life in different ways! He is a disgrace of a human being! I want this film destroyed! I want Whedon to be prosecuted and hanging by his thumbs over sharp rocks down below as he is high above the clouds. Also, I hate Black Widow and Nick Fury being the only smart characters! How come no one else does anything other than be a muscle house?! I despise this movie, and I openly despise that no one good evil disgusting disgrace of a human Joss Whedon! He is impure and brutal and a rapist! Joss Whedon must die for his sins! I only good content! Down with evil womanizers that have lust as vast an ocean! Down with them!
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