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It's a movie for adults that love X-Men, because Brett Ratner and his writers, Zak and Simon, really cared to add as many things for the fans as possible. There are no people saying overly misandrist speech, unlike Mystique in Dark Phoenix. I like how Wolverine, though tempted greatly, was able to come to his senses with Jean and decided not to have sex with her. This, though perhaps intentional, showed me not only character development for the immortal wanderer, but also that because he put his friends over sex that he was able to realize she had killed Scott, and because he realized she had killed Scott and eventually came to realize that the only way to stop her devilish self was to kill her, that he had saved humanity from destruction.

Okay, that is maybe a stretch. A problem I have is that Wolverine had to kill to save humanity, but unfortunately I can not criticize him about it because he did save humanity and he also lost many people along the way to victory. Fortunately, Beast and Wolverine don't kill Magneto, instead they give him the cure. Really the only villain to die in the movie is Jean/Phoenix, basically X-Men's version of the Devil. So the heroes don't kill anyone except Jean in the movie, which if you ask me was a necessary kill.

Angel being able to forgive his father and saving him is a big highlight for me. I remember not liking my parents but forgiving them helped us grow. I really like his wings. Pretty much the whole movie looks beautiful and nice. The CGI is amazing for its time. Thanks, John Bruno.

John Powell's scores really get me the feels. I am glad for so much of this movie. I love the aspect for how the humans want to make a cure for the mutants and the mutants not wanting it, I believe they did it so well. I am glad Beast decided to accept the job for being ambassador because it shows that disagreeing doesn't always mean you both stop working together. Beast may have left because he didn't agree about using the cure on the mutant prisoners without consent and not even informing Beast about it, but him coming back and accepting the new job for him really gets me happy and I am glad he forgave them. I think a moral for this movie is forgive, because since Storm and Wolverine, alongside every mutant willing to help them, was willing to fight for humanity and put aside their troubles with them to save them from the violent brotherhood Magneto formed. Remember, violence gets you in bad places. Magneto, decided to fight fire with fire, while Wolverine decided to fight Magneto's (or Pyro's) fire with defensive maneuvers. Magneto killed, the heroes didn't. Magneto terrorized people he disagreed with, and the heroes defended the people they disagreed with from violence. While it is not a perfect film and I know other people have many issues with it, I do not and I love it. I hope you may decide to watch it.

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