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Bumblebee kills people in this. Charlie has him throw toilet paper and throw eggs at her bully's car. Bumblebee ends up destroying the car of during this. Jack Burns ends up letting them go even though Bumblebee did kill Jack's comrades and destroy property. Also the idiot's who made this decided that even though the movie is set during 1987 that Charlie and Memo like each other, even though at this time wouldn't they be more focused on romancing with same-race people? This strikes me as an inaccuracy. Also the movie drags on so much that I don't get why it isn't a short film instead. Every scene either feels too slow or too rushed, and there is not an in between. What was the whole point of making the movie? There also too many scenes of Charlie in her bed. Perverts. The military going through and deciding to trust the Decepticons doesn't make sense to me, even though they were going to betray the Decepticons once they located Bumblebee, but why be that trusting in the first place? In each Transformers the military is always being portrayed as dumb and idiotic. Just like in Revenge of the Fallen when a soldier threw a smoke grenade that emits orange smoke and it landed too close to him and Lennox and he told the attack helicopters to fire at the orange smoke. What?! Why does Jack keep firing at Danny in the beginning anyway? It is like Jack wanted to make Danny feel inferior, which is not a kind and forgiving thing. Every main character is a jerk, and every minor character is as well.
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