Corn-Fed Porn: The Malady Lingers On in Xavier Dolon's Tom at the Farm

Tom at the FarmDown on the FarmThe HomecomingPsychoafterSavage NightsCity of NightLe Beau Serge (Handsome Serge)Apres Luienfant terribleArmond WhiteMoviesXavier Dolan “You’re a waste of cum.  What’s the point of your life?” That’s how 26-year-old Canadian Xavier Dolan (a Cannes Film Festival prizewinner) makes his point in Tom at the Farm. It’s another of the gay filmmaker’s under-thought and poorly imagined provocations. This time Dolan deliberately uses a frivolous porn movie premise (like Nova Studio’s 1982 Down on the Farm) to explore the serious emotional conflict suffered by a young gay Montreal man, Tom (played by Dolan himself in blond, wet-dog ringlets), who attends his boyfriend’s funeral in rural Quebec. What is the point...

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Aug 14th 2015
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