Trainwreck's Homophobia Puts John Cena in a Headlock

TrainwreckTrainwreck'sThe MarineLegendaryPain & GainThis Is CineramaMyra BreckinridgeArmond WhiteMovies John Cena is the best thing about Trainwreck. In a movie made of things, rather than characters, Cena  gives  his full-bodied all — and shows nearly all. Portraying an unfair notion about bodybuilders as lunkheads, he plays one you wouldn’t say no to. As Steve, a physically imposing and intellectually dim gym rat, Cena takes the role to surprising extremes. His smooth, hard-muscled mass is a comic object as much as a sex object. His jumbo Jarhead image evokes the old Meat Rack argument “He’s too dumb to f**k/ Nobody that hot is too dumb to f**k.” Trainwreck extends that joke to mixed results: Straight Steve dates Amy (played by Amy Schumer,...

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Jul 15th 2015
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