The Overnight Obsesses on Penis Envy

Adam ScottTaylor Schillingand Jason Schwartzman | PhotoCourtesy of August ImagesThe OvernightThe Overnight'sCocktailsBob & Carol & Ted & AliceHumpdayArmond WhiteMovies Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, and Jason Schwartzman | Photo Courtesy of August Images Jason Schwartzman’s 5 o’clock shadow and Groucho eyebrows makes him a perfectly comical bisexual lothario in The Overnight. As Kurt, a shady artist/entrepreneur, he only lacks a porn star moustache. But Kurt already has a porn star’s dirty mind: he leads young married parents Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling), his house guests and after-dinner partiers, to partake of his bong and dong. The Overnight satirizes how Millennials, inheritors of the sexual revolution, can be easily seduced....

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Jun 19th 2015
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