Yves Saint Laurent:Celebrity, Saint, or Sinner?

Photography Courtesy Sony Pictures ClassicsSaint LaurentYves Saint LaurentSaint GenetThe Damned2001: A Space OdysseyGaspard Ulliel (left) and Louis GarrelInfamousCapoteArmond WhiteMovies Photography Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics Why two movies about legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent within one year? And why now? Writer-Director Bertrand Bonello’s biopic Saint Laurent retraces events shown more clearly in last year’s release, Jalil Lespert’s Yves Saint Laurent. Both films — openly depicting the designer’s private affairs — are part of a very contemporary acceptance of Saint Laurent’s gayness and career. But Bonello focuses on the sexual desperation behind celebrity. Anyone expecting a fashion spectacle like Lespert’s finale gets...

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May 6th 2015
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