Neorealist Eroticism: Eastern Boys Explores Cultural and Personal Intimacy

Eastern BoysThe ConversationDaniil Vorobyov "The Boss" (center)Heading SouthArmond WhiteMovies Kiril Emelyanov (Marek) and Olivier Rabourdin (Daniel) in 'Eastern Boys' A gang of youths who are obviously impoverished and street-tough troll Paris’ famous Gare de Nord train station. The dozen or so of them from Russsia, Ukraine, and Romania make it plain that they are available for hire — or for trouble. This opening sequence in Eastern Boys is itself a cruising proposition. Director Robin Campillo titillates the unthinkable possibilities familiar from that genre of East European porn that troublingly pimps harems of desperate, self-deprecating anonymous youth — a symptom of modern European crisis. Eastern Boys adds a serious sociological perspective...

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Feb 26th 2015
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