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2.75/5 stars

If you're really into media like Battle Royale or the Hunger Games, where characters have to duke it out with each other to receive a fabulous prize, you will probably enjoy this. It has some creative moments and a big twist that I didn't see coming.

However, all of this is marred by an overlong runtime and strains of wokeness lurking beneath the surface. Mild spoilers ahead.

- The whole show could theoretically be seen as a polemic against capitalism, competition, and money itself. However this isn't made explicit, and no one says anything communist that I can recall. There is even criticism of North Korea.
- Unfortunately there are some feminist themes, which are also more subtle than overt, but still pervasive. The worst villains are all men, and every female character is good or at least not as bad as the male villains. Expect saintlike mothers and daughters; profligate fathers and sons.
- When religion is brought up it's portrayed negatively. Fortunately this makes up only a few episodes and is a small part of each, but still annoying. One female character goes on a rant against religion, and religious characters are portrayed as insane, chauvinistic, and violent.
- Almost all characters are Korean. However there is a Pakistani character who is portrayed as an innocent victim manipulated by the Korean society. Also the only Europeans are some of the villains.

Overall the wokeness isn't present at the levels in Western media, but still there. The show was watchable but annoying at times and you feel manipulated by some of the character choices. Battle Royale shows aren't really my thing, but if you want to get in the hype and can deal with gratutious violence, the woke themes I mentioned, and an 8-hour runtime, you might enjoy it.

Of course you should never pay for Netflix to watch this (or anything) though.
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