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This is a bit over 2 stars but not close to 3.
It's not as woke as it could have been, but there's still some cringe, and even without that the quality isn't great.

Despite Rami Malek being a great actor, the villain simply isn't threatening and doesn't really have a reason to exist. If he had simply gotten a few more lines and a clearer motivation the movie could have been vastly improved.

The film is almost 3 hours but feels a lot shorter - not because it's so much fun, but because there's so little of substance in it. If your friends want to drag you to this you don't have to say no, but aside from Ana de Armas there's not much truly amazing in it.

They didn't snub Bond as hard as they could have but he still got snubbed. If this film is to be the end of the Bond series, well, it could have been worse, but it's not the epic send-off he deserved. But perhaps it's the best we could have expected in Current Year.
Oct 12th 2021
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