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Affirmative Action
Mercenaries, plus Milo, plus the villain , go off to find Atlantis, but during the 1910s no one would have a submarine that works like the one in the movie and a black guy is the doctor. Okay, I am fine with a medic being portrayed black in a modern setting, but this is way in the past. Also, the two women mercenaries are there just to show off how they women are strong, but again it is the 1910s and those women probably wouldn't have been on the mission. Also, the teenage girl kisses Milo at the end of the movie, knowing full well Milo's love interest was present. Which gets me to her… Kida is mostly naked throughout the movie and she seems like someone from a wet dream. The writers really couldn't have added someone else much less bad for children to view? She barely has clothes on and the young girls watching should not be influenced by that. Now finally, the finale, where they killed people. Without going into spoilers, the mercenaries who are with Milo kill the ones working with the villain, and the dynamite guy does not look that concerned that he blew someone up. Milo also kills the villain, though the villain was trying to kidnap Kida and kill Milo for attempting to rescue her, I find it wrong that Milo had to turn the villain to a living crystal and he let the dying crystal man get chopped up by revolving blades. Why should the kids watch these characters kill these other characters and act like it was nothing? Teens and kids are impressionable and the characters not showing remorse for killing gives an incentive to do the same. The protagonists in this movie aren't good role models, they killed people and got away with it. I don't want that being a lesson taught to growing people. Why did the writers have the characters act like it was nothing when they killed? I can just imagine because I am not bad like them. This was my review.
Oct 17th 2021
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