Strawberry Mansion, 2021 - ★★½

STRAWBERRY MANSION (Albert Birney & Kentucker Audley, USA, 2021) 5 V

You’ll have to trust me when I say that some critic friends years ago began applying the advertising phrase “bursting with fruit flavor” to describe movies that had a lot of stuff going on and ideas thrown in — all potentially interesting, but the director never really got a handle on them or developed them well. STRAWBERRY MANSION is (sorry) positively bursting with fruit flavor.

Co-director Kentucker Audley plays James Preble, a dream auditor in 2035 — dreams are monitored and taxed in this not-quite-dystopia — who comes to audit Bella, an old woman decades in arrears on those taxes. He stays in her home and falls in love with her younger self from watching VHS tapes of her dreams, which include a Harryhausen-style...

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Nov 5th 2021
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