Jockey, 2021 - ★★★

JOCKEY (Clint Bentley, USA, 2021) 6 V

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: aging athlete (Clifton Collins Jr.) prepares for one last hurrah, gets approached by a younger hotshot (Moises Arias) and becomes his mentor. The two alternatingly fall out and reconcile, there’s a secret about them in the past, a woman comes between them (Molly Parker as an owner), and the men compete in the Big Climactic Contest.

You have? JOCKEY does absolutely nothing new, other than apply the sports-movie template to a context in which we might not have seen it before: low-level horse racing, concentrating on the jockeys. But it nevertheless feels so authentic and lived-in that you happily go along with the clichés, though the back story about Arias claiming to be Collins’ son is not easy to predict....

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Nov 9th 2021
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