Pauline at the Beach, 1983 - ★★★★½

PAULINE AT THE BEACH (Eric Rohmer, France, 1983, 9)

I'd probably pick PAULINE AT THE BEACH as The Eric Rohmer Film Prototype -- Romantic hexagon between 3 gorgeous French bourgeoise women (and 3 not-so-good-looking men) on August vacances on a sun-dappled beach resort engaging in romantic intrigue based on misunderstandings, particular ones that their personalities want them to self-reinforcingly have. As such, it is wonderful.

Not lascivious by any means but probably has the most nudity of any Rohmer film (I had that thought on my mind going in because of blog comments elsewhere.)

I don't mean to engage in cheap national stereotyping (moi?), but where does France get all these 15-year-old girls who can act like this? Amanda Langlet makes you understanding of Chevalier's famous song....

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Nov 9th 2021
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