Big Debt Is Big Business in Maxed Out

DVD Release Date:  June 5, 2007

Theatrical Release Date:  March 9, 2007 (limited)

Rating:  Unrated

Genre:  Documentary

Run Time: 87 min.

Director:  James Scurlock

A 40-something Nevada realtor drives past McMansion housing developments in her Mercedes.  “That’s what people want,” she says, with a knowing grin.  “The bigger the better.  And not just gates, but guards, too.  As long as you’re in a master plan, though, you’ll be fine.  Master plans—that’s the only way to go.”

She pauses then adds, “I just hope the interest rate doesn’t go up before we can move into ours.  Otherwise we won’t be able to make payments.”

Thus begins...

Proper Review
Jun 5th 2007
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