Drug War. 2012. ★★★½

DRUG WAR (Johnnie To, China, 2013, 7)

Has anyone compared this to David Mamet's SPARTAN, which it resembles primarily in being main competition for the Platonic Form "Stripped-Down Police Procedural." No diversions, no fat … just a pure crime story as one bust less to a bigger one by using a criminal who doesn't want to be executed as bait. Yet that treason itself isn't really made the dramatic center as in films like INFERNAL AFFAIRS / THE DEPARTED which center on loyalty. Early line of dialogue is key: "I didn't betray you … you're a pusher and I'm a cop." DRUG WAR is a pure game in which one team is wearing Broncos jerseys and the other Patriots gear (adjust every few months as sports seasons change).

Smashingly directed by To, in a style contrary to the current Cuisinart Chic. DRUG...

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Jan 14th 2014
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