Wildlife. 2018. ★½

WILDLIFE (Paul Dano, USA, 2018, 3)

“Set in small-town America in 1960” tells you everything you need to know — football is the center of masculinity, the home is a comfortable concentration camp, at which meat loaf is served and from which adultery is the woman’s lib. Predictability and staleness aside, nothing works regarding the particulars of how the WILDLIFE affair comes off, apart from Carey Mulligan’s conviction in her tentativeness. How many men invite the Other Woman over to his house WITH HER SON (14)? And the coda had me scratching my already well-scratched head on emotional grounds. What had happened (besides time) between the second-last scene and this one that would make these characters do this. Bergman’s SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE is an Olympian standard obviously, but...

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Oct 20th 2018
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