Everybody Knows. 2018. ★★★½

EVERYBODY KNOWS (Asghar Farhadi, Spain, 2018, 7)

Definitely Farhadi’s weakest film, but he didn’t get to be the world’s best scriptwriter by being capable of bad writing, it’s just that —and I never thought I’d say this about a Farhadi film — the script just isn’t complex enough. EVERYBODY KNOWS is also a little too close in premise to ABOUT ELLY to avoid bad comparisons — a lengthy celebratory gathering of friends and family (starting even with a car trip and mirror shots) that goes awry when somebody disappears, and the ensuing search buries hidden in-group tensions from the past. Not crazy about the whodunnit elements, but they’re occasion, not point, as EVERYBODY KNOWS is about family stress and how this crisis brings an extended family together but destroys the truces...

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Oct 21st 2018
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