Cold War. 2018. ★★★★

COLD WAR (Pavel Pawlikowski, Poland, 2018, 8)

So formally accomplished and chilly-gorgeous to look at and with so much great (and varied!) music and so much subtext that you might miss that the central couple’s relationship lacks something. That hole is partly (but not wholly) attributable to the script’s necessarily episodic structure over almost 20 years of Polish post-WW2 history. And some of the turns play abruptly, again by necessity as defections and returns constrain and guide the possibilities of an on-again, off-again romance. The two main characters in COLD WAR are musicians, he a scholar, conductor and arranger, she a singer of (initially) traditional Polish peasant music, and they’re as “adaptable” as the boys in EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! First the changes come from politics...

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Oct 21st 2018
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