Never Look Away. 2018. ★★½

NEVER LOOK AWAY (Donnersmarck, Germany, 2018, 5)

Profits by comparison with the next film I saw at the Virginia Film Festival, but suffers by comparison with the last festival film I had seen (COLD WAR at the Middleburg Film Festival two weeks ago). Both the German and Polish films set post-war stories* in the world of art and romance, the interplay between the two, and on-again, off-again defection. But what’s contained in a gesture or aside in Pawlikowski’s tight 90-minute tug-of-war becomes a chapter in Donnersmarck’s sprawling three-hour national epic. Maybe the greatest difference marker: Pawlikowski never explains his title; Donnersmarck explicitly lays it out in dialogue between the hero and his boyhood muse. The auteur of THE LIVES OF OTHERS simply tries to do too much here,...

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Nov 1st 2018
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