‘The Best Offer’ fails to live up to its promise

An intriguingly Hitchcockian premise gradually takes on a preposterous air in the art-world noir “The Best Offer.”

Geoffrey Rush’s performance borders on camp, but he’s highly entertaining as a persnickety art appraiser with a special gift for detecting antique forgeries. An unseen woman (Sylvia Hoeks) with a house full of objets d’art enlists his appraisal services but resists all face-to-face meetings. She turns out to be a severe agoraphobic who communicates with him only on the phone and through a wall behind which she hides. As the two strike up a friendship, in her house he finds the pieces of a fantastical machine that he begins to piece together with the aid of a master tinkerer (Jim Sturgess).

Directed and written by Giuseppe Tornatore (“Cinema...

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Jan 3rd 2014
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