Army of Darkness, 1992 - ★★★

The funniest of the three Evil Dead movies and a great example of hitting the right tone with wildly over-the-top camp that is still successful. I laughed hysterically when Ash got his Chemistry 101 textbook out of the trunk of his car and then proceeded to create enough black powder for an army in like 5 minutes. So funny. The final battle at the castle was giving me real Helm’s Deep vibes from The Two Towers. Not just on the surface level that the two battles are similar, in that they feature armies protecting a castle from an undead/orc (and their designs are often similar) army during the night. But also in the geography of the thing. Like Jackson studied the battle from this film and used it as a storyboard beginning for his own staging.

Bruce Campbell’s arc through the three movies...

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Dec 6th 2021
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