Democrats Vote to Ensure Election Integrity Is GONE FOR GOOD | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 729
15:53 "... joe biden led the house democrats 2021 ..."
20:25 "... march of 2021 we are talking about the ..."

House Democrats passed a "voting rights" bill called H.R. 1, which focuses on automatic voter registration. Will the Senate let this bill pass? And President Biden STILL hasn't done a solo news conference, setting a record for longest time for a president to go without doing a solo conference. A large group of migrants approached the border wearing Biden T-shirts that read, "Please let us in!" Will the Biden administration let them cross the border? Health officials say the Super Bowl parties in Tampa, Florida, were NOT superspreader events despite MSM criticizing everyone in the city for celebrating the game. And lastly, China is requiring anal swab COVID-19 tests for any foreign travelers wanting to enter the country. Don't think we'll be visiting China any time soon!Today's Sponsors:Backed...

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Mar 4th 2021
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