PA Film Club: Taxi Driver – PA 111421

  Mark Collett and guests review the Martin Scorsese film for the Patriotic Alternative Film Club.

Taxi Driver is one of Laura’s favourite films, the music is good the cinematography is great and Robert de Nero is excellent as Travis Bickle.

Horus thinks its a masterpiece and even the minor actors are superb.

Nativist was really impressed by the way it was shot and how how stylistically films were much better in the seventies.

Mark says the film was made on a very small budget and some of the actors even took pay cuts they were so keen to take part.

They all think the film is practically flawless.

  Presented by Mark Collett, Laura Towler, Horus and Nativist Concern

PA Film Club: Taxi Driver – PA 111421

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Nov 15th 2021
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