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Don't waste your time. Per usual, any Hollywood movie based on a small town will be incredibly racist in its portrayal of Southern whites. With – of course – no sense of irony or self awareness in regard to its blatant hypocrisy as it spouts off platitudes about the horrors of small minded bigots.

I can hang with the stupid Southerner trope even though it's been done to death. Not with this film, though. It's a caricature of a caricature since the British director knows even less about the American South than the average champagne socialist director in L.A.

There are only five worthwhile white men in the film, and even coming up with five is a stretch.

1.) Redeems himself by committing suicide:

Perhaps some silly symbolism about the patriarchy being on its way out and how the best thing to do is to not fight it. You see, this character has cancer and decides to just end it, saving the women in his life the pain of watching him slowly struggle against an unwinnable fight (i.e., the honorable thing to do is to help speed up the death of the white man). Even if I'm projecting a deeper meaning onto the plot, the point still remains, that the most likeable white male in the film does an honorable thing by killing himself. And I think it's fair to assume this aspect of the script must stem from the anti-white zeitgeist we live in:

Sadly, this is the only part of the film that reflects reality since white men are way more likely to commit suicide in real life, but thankfully, the rest of this movie only portrays libsh*t psychobabble and not reality:


2.) Midget so he scores victim hierarchy points:

3.) Throughout the film, this cop is the worst scum imaginable, save for the moments he embarrasses himself by acting like a buffoon.

He redeems himself once he gets hospitalized by the protagonist's molotov cocktail, and decides to forgive her and shrug it off. The director claims he doesn't want to show a simplistic good and bad dichotomy, but he clearly portrays this character in a more positive light once he becomes a cuck. I'll admit it, you do sympathize and root for him when he decides to become a martyr. He lets himself get his ass kicked in order to collect DNA samples from attackers who are suspects in the murder case. It was the most clever plot device of the film. But again, take a moment to pause and zoom out. Am I the only one who sees the ethno-masochistic undertones here? Even if I'm overanalyzing and the director didn't mean anything by this, doesn't it say something about his psyche? But c'mon. This is intentional. Another f**gy Baby Boomer with not so subtle anti-American motifs:

Woah... deep, dude.


Before that, Sam Rockwell's character was borderline retarded and extremely malicious (like most of the whites in the film but just the most extreme case). Aside from his transformation there is very little character development in the film. And at the climax, to complete his metamorphosis, he sets out on a vigilante crusade with the feminazi to go kill a random white soldier for a crime they aren't sure he committed.

Yup. They even checked that box off as well. Hell, I'm the first to talk trash about American foreign policy. Our track record is atrocious. But as with the rest of the film, don't expect any nuanced or unique perspectives from its critique. Just more meaningless occurrences that find a way to conclude with f**k whitey.

It turns out they never catch the rapist/killer the mother is looking for. And throughout the moviegoing experience all you get is more instances of white men being cancerous. Instead of criticizing Muslims who actually burn people alive and rape women to death, they take the brave route of accusing American soldiers of committing such acts without consequence. Nevermind the fact that American soldiers are traumatized by the pederasty and risk their careers to save rape victims. Nah. White men are demons who need to be eradicated. Hmmm, let's throw in a scene where she can berate a Catholic priest... yeah! That's what this film needs. Bravo, Hollywood! Keep speaking truth to power! ()

The funny thing is that even though the film bent over backwards to constantly sh*t all over white people, they still faced SJW outrage. I guess being a martyr and fratricidal vigilante doesn't cut it thesedays if you want to atone for your white sins. He should have just killed himself like Woody Harrelson.

4.) The young billboard owner who fumbles over his words awkwardly to help the feminazi. He shows no signs of "toxic masculinity" as he turns the other cheek after getting thrown out of a second-story window.

5.) The feminazi's son who just whines and complains, but at least isn't shown as a complete moron.

The rest are cartoonishly rude and dumb. Do not waste your time. Avoid at all costs.


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Feb 11th 2018
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