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Definitely watch this film.

Pretty good actually and not horribly partisan. It’s a satire on how social media/tech is destroying our society and the imbalance in power between academics and politicians. It mainly pokes at trump ppl but also biden and politicians in general. If only SNL could tone down their TDS and hatred for the working class enough to be funny again like this film, we'd be in good shape. Like, it's obviously slanted in one direction but is still willing to poke fun at themselves to balance it out a bit. For example, Ariana Grande lampoons the celebrity worship culture and how people like her are unqualified virtue signalers with retarded followers. Props to her for doing that.

Also, the satire wasn't so painfully obvious nor directed towards one individual. Many characters were amalgamations that represented societal issues more than anything. Like the Big Tech CEO character sniffing hair was a clear hit on Biden but also had elements of Zuckerberg/Bezos. Very refreshing. This is surely due to the bipartisan disdain for the Gerontocratic & Technocratic shifts within the American gov't. The Left blames Big Tech for not censoring enough and allowing "conspiracy theories" to run rampant. And we both hate the senile old farts holding onto power through sociopathy like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Still, I find it so funny how oblivious liberals tend to be about their hypocrisy. Like the dozens of videos of an unhinged person without their mask on screaming and spitting on someone for not wearing a mask. "Don't Look Up" has the same thing. The premise is that there’s an asteroid coming and is a clear analogy to our response to COVID (also Climate Change). In a liberal’s mind, the media is downplaying things. Same with social media. According to them, we need to be even more hysterical.

The name of the film comes from a political campaign where the RightWing hillbilly party insists everyone keep their eyes on their phones and not at the sky. Which serves as an accidental Chicken Little "sky is falling" analogy that's more apt to reality. Because in real life, when you open your eyes and look outside, you realize no one is dying from COVID and climate change alarmists are exaggerating.

Other than that, there were two more ironic messages that portrayed the opposite of what they intended. One of the main characters is a nerdy academic guy. And he is clearly not meant to lead. He's too insecure and awkward. He can't convey his autistic thoughts to the population. On top of that, he gets corrupted by the Capitalistic forces and elites in charge so he no longer speaks the truth of the data he saw.
This is exactly what RightWingers point to when we criticize BS appeals to authority like the "97% of climate scientist agree" trope. Aside from the fact that even mainstream outlets like Forbes have debunked that false consensus, skeptics on the right are mainly dubious of how corruptible the scientific community has proven to be. Like how the "sugar industry quietly paid scientists to point blame at fat." Kudos to the script writers for making Leonardo's character realistic in that regard, but c'mon.
Do you see why we don't take everything at face value, regardless of if it comes from a lab coat or not? We need people who are able to handle pressure and who stick to their principles.

Nietzsche was Right; Books are for Idiots - Uberboyo

However, they were just making every White Male unworthy of their status. So their conclusion was that we should let young women and POC take charge of society. But it fell flat and portrayed other fundamental truths.

We need something like "Starship Troopers" mixed with Plato's "Republic." Only a few Chad warrior autists that have the balance of both worlds should be in charge. And emotional women, Big Tech f**gots, MSM shills, mulatto celebs, and corrupt senile zombies should be kicked to the curb. :^)

Jk jk...

If the film didn't have so many sh*tlibs I'd say support it. But it does, so just use a friend's Netflix password and watch it for free. Or better yet, watch a bootleg version on putlocker.

Still, I must give credit where credit is due. This was a fantastic film full of poignant satire. If the lefties and hollywood elite want to win back the average Joe, they'll continue to make comedy like this.

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Dec 26th 2021
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