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Sexual pervert, Larry Wachowski, returns to make a spiteful sequel to his 90s cringe goth cyberpunk classic. He's mad at Warner Bros for wanting to make a buck and he's mad at "red pills" like Ben Shapiro (ironically a Zionist like the "Zion" in the movie only less diverse and more of a Jewish ethnostate with no Whoopee Goldberg looking black wahmen). Walking meme Keanu Reeves sleep walks through the mostly lame action sequences and post-wall frumpy looking (no more hot leather and tight curves for the "male gaze") Carrie Anne Moss gets to play a middle aged s**tlib edgy bitch who hates her nuclear family and white male husband and would rather recreate the boring simulation world with the lgbtq rainbow coalition. Worth a watch at least to compare with the original and see how bad and lazy movies have got in just 20 years.
Dec 30th 2021
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