"Freudian Misogyny"Content: -3 Excessive sex, violence, immorality, and/or worldview problems. (Sometimes excessive content such as violence is in otherwise redemptive movies.)

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What You Need To Know:THE PIANO TEACHER opens with thirties-something piano teacher Erika Kohut coming into her apartment to face her irate mother, who berates her viciously for being late. They come to blows and then to tears of reconciliation. This is not a happy family. Eventually, the movie reveals Erika’s sado-masochistic longings and her perverted relationship with a handsome young man named Walter, which leads to tragedy.

THE PIANO TEACHER is a Freudian nightmare, an ode to the worst theories of psychologist Sigmund Freud. The ending implies to anyone with...

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Aug 14th 2012
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