Content: -2 Extreme caution for older teenagers and adults.

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What You Need To Know:With epic grandeur, HEAVEN AND EARTH depicts the struggle between Samurai warriors in feudal Japan. Set in 1561, the War Lords, Takeda and Kagetora, battle for supremacy. Much of HEAVEN AND EARTH is made up of the gloriously arrayed forces of Takeda and Kagetora coming together in various battles. More than a story line, the film has a visual language that turns out to be sheer poetry. During the course of the film in adherence to Japanese tradition, a narrator provides commentary in English aided by English subtitles. Interspersed in the film, a subtle love story is played out between Kagetora and the Lady Nami. HEAVEN AND EARTH is an extremely well-crafted, artistic...

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Aug 18th 2012
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